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About Us

Phaind is an Italian company that has been operating in the production of complementary feeds and parapharmaceutical products for animals. The company was born from the idea and thirty years experience of the founding members, whose purpose is to guarantee animal health with particular reference to dogs and cats that have now become part of our families. The company is made up of a valid research and development team whose goal is to constantly study new solutions to improve animal health.

The results of these studies are made concrete by an advanced production department that is always active in the creation of innovative products starting from raw materials of the best quality and superior production standards. Phaind is based in Terni, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy and its production and operational site is located within the protected river park of the Marmore Falls and the Nera River. Phaind is constantly committed to environmental protection, which has always been one of the main priorities.

For these reasons Phaind is the founder of the Valle del Nera renewable energy committee and produces using energy from renewable sources.

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