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Our Services

  • Research and Development: Our research and development staff combines experience and creativity to guarantee our customers innovative, safe and high quality formulations by collaborating with the best known raw material companies and Italian universities.
  • Private Label production: Our company boasts competent and dynamic technical personnel for the production of lines of complementary feeds and non-pharmacological products for topical use. The production follows the highest quality standards and uses raw materials of the highest quality purchased only from certified companies. It also boasts great flexibility in the quantities to be produced: we are able to satisfy requests for both large and small lots.
  • Production and Marketing of the Phaind Line: Phaind also has its own line of products, a synthesis of experience and all the skills gained through years of study and production.
  • Consulting and Management of Regulatory Affairs: Phaind is able to provide qualified technical assistance relating to legislative compliance both in the field of both feed and non- pharmacological products for topical use. For example, we provide assistance in the field of labeling and regulatory framework of products.
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