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Professional Hygiene Line

SH O1 – Shampoo for puppy

Shampoo studied for puppies, frequent washings and sensitive coat with delicate hydrating action.

250 ml bottle.

SH O2 – Shampoo for short coat

Shampoo studied for short-coated animals, it has a nourishing, shining and waterproof action.

250 ml bottle.

SH O3 –  Shampoo for long coat

Shampoo studied for long-coated animals with nourishing and protective action. It make the coat easier to disentangle.

250 ml bottle.

SH O4 – Shampoo for white coat

Shampoo studied for white-coated animals: it has a whitening and reinvigorating action while eliminating the unaesthetic yellowish shades from the animal coat.

250 ml bottle.

CR O5 –  Conditioner

Nourishing and protective conditioner that makes easier the coat to comb out and can restore its brightness.

250 ml bottle.

SD O6 – Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo useful to eliminate the dirt without the use of water leaving the coat perfectly clean, silky and shining.

250 ml bottle.

ES O7 – Extricating Shining Spray Lotion

Shining and disentangling lotion formulated to maintain the coat bright and easy to comb out. You can apply it on dry or wet hair as conditioner with no rinse needed.

150 ml bottle.

XP O8 – Perfume

Delicate perfume expressly studied to rene the grooming.

150 ml bottle.

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